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Aqa Husain SA Chehlum, 1441H

Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Saheb TUS

will deliver Aqa Hussain SA Chelum Waaz in Boston

on Safar 20, Saturday October 19, 4 pm.

We will have the azeem nemat and barakat to be in the hazarat of the Dai of Imam Hussain SA as he delivers the Zikr and Shahadat of Imam Hussain SA. It will indeed be a blessing to do matam and bukaa in in the hazarat of Dai uz Zaman TUS.

All Mumineen are invited for Chelum Waaz, Namaz, and Niyaz.

Miqaat Details

“We always remember the calamity of Aashura. There is no grief like it. There is no sorrow like it. It was such a tragedy that Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA said, ‘toolaz zamaane bukaai’ (I will grieve the tragedy of Imam Husain SA throughout my life).”  The Ordeal After Aashura, Article by Shehzada Dr Aziz bhaisaheb Qutbuddin,  Sijill, December 2014. Read full article


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