Fatemi Dawat Madrasa

Children of Mumineen are enrolled in Fatemi Madrasa.

Regular classes are held once a week in a fully interactive online environment. The classes are taught by exceptional teachers including Shehzadis Dr. Bazat Tayyebah Baisaheba, Fatema Baisaheba, and Arwa Baisaheba.

Classes last 2-3 hours each week and cover a range of subjects including Quran reading, Namaaz, Fiqeh, Qasidas, Riwayats, Akhbar.

Lisan ud Dawat class is held separately on a weekly basis as well.

The Fatemi Dawat Madrasa Website has many resoures available online. We encourage you to go to the website to review the resources available.

Enrollment can be done directly on the Madrasa Website.

Please contact Boston Jamaat if you have any questions or to facilitate enrollment.